Our agronomist and winemaker

Winemaking supervisor

Francesco Bordini

We have entrust Francesco Bordini to supervise all the vinification steps because we share his wine making believe which states: ” Wine shall be the revelation of the territory, the grapes and the humankind

Our agronomist

Remigio Bordini


Bordini Remigio, is known in Emilia-Romagna region as an expertise of Sangiovese grape variety. He has dedicated more than ten year-study on the Sangiovese clonal selection.

His standpoint is that Sangiovese grape variety, if cultivated with the aim of quality and not quantity, is one of the few varieties able to express the so called terroir.

His advice to the vine growers, who desire their wines to express the uniqueness of the terroir, is to gain a well-deep knowledge out of hard working and observing the vineyard during the seasons.